Fabrio Case Studies

Case Study 1: Major UK Online Insurance Company

Fabrio has worked closely with this company for a number of years, during which time the company has grown several times over. In the beginning, Fabrio helped the company set a direction for the future by developing a practical business plan which identified action in various aspects of the business which would enable the company to grow. In addition, we helped the company engage with Invest NI to get support in its growth plans. Over time, we have helped it to:

  • insuranceDevelop an R&D plan for submission to Invest – using our experience in undertaking Grant for R&D appraisals on behalf of Invest NI, we are well placed to develop such plans in a way that is most suitable
  • Develop professional recruitment and HR procedures to enable the company to grow its staff of IT and business professional.
  • Develop a comprehensive training plan for a growing workforce, again eligible for Invest NI assistance
  • Help the company focus on business strategy and direction.


Case Study 2: Start-up providing remote monitoring & control systems

A local entrepreneur in a start-up with a clear product strategy contacted Fabrio to ask for help in preparing a Grant for R&D application for Invest NI. The company was able to access funding from Invest to help with making a comprehensive product development plan which was able to from the basis of its Grant for R&D Application. The funding helped both with the company’s time in preparing the project plan and paying for Fabrio’s input.

monitoringUndertaking a new product development plan can be time-consuming and the business had important business development opportunities to pursue, the company found it very valuable to have the assistance of a consultant who had a lot of experience in preparing such plans. In addition, because we have conducted many Grant for R&D appraisals on behalf of Invest NI, we were able to help ensure the company developed its plan in such a way as to give it the best chance of being supported. As a result of this work, the company was able to submit its application and see it successfully approved for funding.


Case Study 3: SME software company with ambitious growth plans

A software company in the area of cyber security wanted to make a step-change in its business growth and needed to develop a usable, practical business plan which included the need for more human resources, more geographical reach and an enhanced sales and marketing function.

cyber_security_awarenessA Fabrio consultant worked closely with the senior management team to help refine the company strategy for the next three years and then helped develop a business plan to be submitted to Invest NI. This was an iterative process and the consultant was able to use his experience with Invest to help the company engage as constructively and efficiently as possible with the organization. The result was a package of funding assistance that the company felt would be of great benefit in its next growth period.

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