• Business Growth – for companies who want to grow, we can help you identify suitable sources of growth finance; formulate strategy; plan for growth; develop a marketing strategy; ensure the ideal sales management and training is in place.


  • Leadership for Growth – we’ll help your company leadership prepare and implement Strategic Growth Plans and get the best results from your financial negotiations. We can assist CEOs select their Executive leadership teams and build networks for growth that achieve results. And we can enable you to recognise and deal with the challenges of cultural change.


  • Road-Mapping for Start-ups – we can help you with that all-important issue of finance. First of all with making sense of the range of start-up funding and then assisting you with with financing your runway and enabling you to extend your runway financing by bootstrapping. We can also help you understand the start-up journey, establishing effective relationships, and preparing and implementing a 100 day client engagement plan.


  • Funding for Growth – companies with ambitious growth plans are going to need to locate, and negotiate effectively with, a range of funding options, from Venture Capital providers through to Growth Loan funds and strategic banking relationships. Our experienced team, which has assisted a portfolio of tech companies source, screen and navigate the funding decision-making process, can guide you through what can be a minefield. In addition, we can introducing you to tax efficient share  incentive schemes that drive growth in revenue and profits, and provide sound advice on realistic exit strategies.


  • Engage with Invest NI – whether you’re a new client of Invest NI or an existing one, it’s a great benefit to let Fabrio consultants help you through the process, while you get on with the day job. Ian Murphy worked for Invest NI for 20 years as a senior manager and can help you engage with government departments that can assist your growth. Gary Burnett also has 20 years experience working as a consultant for Invest, evaluating business plans and Grant for R&D applications. We are in a unique position to help you as you engage with Invest and undertake the time-consuming task of preparing necessary plans and documentation.


  • Export Marketing – Moving into new markets – in Great Britain, Europe or the United States – needs proper planning and resourcing. Fabrio consultants have many years’ experience of business development in a number of external markets, including the United States. We can help you think through what is needed for business success, and assist with the job of detailed research of new markets. Our in-depth technology experience enables us to do this in a knowledgeable, meaningful way. Invest NI provides excellent support for researching, marketing and exporting to international markets.


  • Project Management – good project management is the essence of a good business – whether it’s business related or technology-related. Everyone in the business needs to know how to successfully participate in projects. We’ll help you get there.


  • Training – Fabrio consultants have many years’ experience and a great track record in providing sales training and personal productivity training for staff. Whether you need new sales people trained in a professional approach to selling or refresher training for existing sales people – we can help.